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2007 SECANT Workshop Participants

Astrachan, Owen

Duke University, Computer Science

Blanton, Ethan
Brylow, Dennis

Marquette University, Math, Statistics and Computer Science

Chabay, Ruth

NC State, Physics

Chen, Zhihong

Butler University, Computer Science & Software Engineering

Coen, Michael

University of Wisconsin-Madison, School or Medicine and Computer Science

Diffenbaugh, Noah
Early, James

SUNY, Oswego, Computer Science

Flynn, Patrick

University of Notre Dame, Computer Science & Engineering

Gribskov, Michael

Purdue University, Biological Sciences

Hambrusch, Susanne

Purdue University, Computer Science

Haugan, Mark
Hoffmann, Chris

Purdue University, Computer Science

Hosking, Tony
Kais, Sabre

Purdue University, Chemistry

Korb, Tim

Purdue University, Computer Science

Kumar, Amar

Eli Lily, Discovery Informatics

Mittal, Sagar
Nita-Rotaru, Cristina

Purdue University, Computer Science

Pitt, Leonard
Robertson, Lisa

Purdue University, College of Science

Sadayappan, P.

Ohio State University, Computer Science

Salter, Richard

Oberlin College, Computer Science

Segre, Alberto

University of Iowa, Computer Science

Sherwood, Bruce

NC State, Physics

Sprague, Nathan

Kalamazoo College, Computer Science

Stinebring, Dan
Swanson, Charles

University of Minnesota, Computer Science

Urban, Joseph

NSF, Program Director, Division of Computing and Communication Foundations

Valko, John

Purdue University, Computer Science

Wallingford, Eugene

University of Northern Iowa, Computer Science

Wayne, Kevin

Princeton University, Computer Science

Weide, Bruce

Ohio State University, Computer Science

Zelle, John

Wartburg College, Math, Computer Science & Physics

Zigon, Bob

Beckman Coulter

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