Final Grades

Final grades will be assigned according to the following approximate weighting:

  • Midterm Exams 20% (10% each)
  • Final Exam 20%
  • Programming Projects 25%
  • Problem Sets 15%
  • Lab Assignments 15%
  • Participation 5% (clicker responses)

We reserve the right to adjust this weighting at any time.

Grading Policy

Problems regarding grading of problem sets, projects, and the midterm exam must be resolved within one week after the graded work has been returned to you. It is your responsibility to pick up the graded work on time. The grades will not be modified after the one week period.

Normally, the TAs make the final decisions on assigning the grade for problem sets and projects. Therefore, any issues with grading should normally be resolved with the TAs. However, if a student believes the TA's solution is wrong for a certain problem, then he or she can ask the instructor for clarification.

Late Work Policy

For each problem set and project, we will announce when it is due and how to turn in the work. The late policy for all work is a 10% penalty for up to one day late. Work that is more than one day late will not be accepted. Exceptions will be given only in the most extreme circumstances. Any travel, including interview trips, load from work or other classes, or simply not being able to get your program to run will not be grounds for extensions or exceptions.

Lab Policy

Lab attendance is required. For problems solved during the labs (15% of the grade), the lowest score will be dropped in the final grade computation. Clicker questions may be asked during labs. There is no make-up opportunity for a missed lab. Students in extreme circumstances should contact the instructor with the necessary certification.

Make-Up Exam Policy

A make-up exam is given only in the most extreme circumstances and requires certification for such circumstances: e.g. medical doctor's statement certifying that the student is unable to attend the scheduled exam. Any travel (including interview trips), load from work or from other classes, failed alarm clocks, or simply not being able to make it to the exam will not be grounds for a make-up. If you have any recurring medical problems that may unexpectedly prevent you from making it to class or exams, please obtain a doctor's statement certifying your circumstances.

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