190C Instructors

The course was developed by faculty in Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Statistics. In its first offering it will be team taught. Below is the list of people involved and their main responsibilities and expertise.

CS Faculty

  • Professor S. E. Hambrusch, 1179 Lawson Building; 494-1831; seh@cs.purdue.edu
    • Office Hours: Monday 2:30-3:30pm, Thursday 3-4pm, or by appointment
    • Organizational matters, grading issues, overall course material questions
  • Professor C. Hoffmann, 3183 Lawson Building; 494-6185; cmh@cs.purdue.edu
    • Office Hours: by appointment
    • Course material related to VPython and visualization
  • Professor A. Hosking, 3154L Lawson Building; 494-6001; hosking@cs.purdue.edu
    • Office Hours: Tuesday 2-4pm
    • Course material related to Python and general programming issues
  • Dr. J. T. Korb, 3144 Lawson Building; 494-6184; jtk@cs.purdue.edu
    • Office Hours: email or stop by to make appointment
    • CS lab setup, Python installation, general programming issues

Science Faculty

  • Professor M. Haugan, Physics, 282 Physics, 494-5504, mph@physics.purdue.edu
    • Office Hours: TBD
    • Computational physics
  • Professor Sabre Kais, Chemistry, WTHR 265G, 494-5965, kais@purdue.edu
    • Computational chemistry, quantum computation
  • Professor O. Vitek, Statistics and CS, HAAS 120, 496-9544, ovitek@cs.purdue.edu
    • Bioinformatics and statistics
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