Spring 2008 Lecture Material

This page contains the slides and programs used in class. This material will generally be posted after the lecture. Material covered using the Python interpreter may not be included.

Wed, Apr 23 Quantum Computing; Course evaluations 08-04-23-final.pdf08-04-23-quantumcomp.pdf
Mon, Apr 21 Complexity; DNA Computing 08-04-21.pdfadlemandna98.pdf
Wed, Apr 16 Computability 08-04-16.pdf
Mon, Apr 14 One more data structure: kd-trees 08-04-14.pdf
Wed, Apr 9 History of Computer Science 08-04-09.pdf prog_lang_poster.pdf
Mon, Apr 7 Scientific Computing 08-04-07.pdf
Wed, Apr 2 Scientific Computing 08-04-02.pdf
Mon, Mar 31 Protein Interactions 08-03-31.pdf
Wed, Mar 26 no class - exam 2 at 7pm
Mon, Mar 24 Review 08-03-24-review.pdf
Wed, Mar 19 Solving graph problems with NetworkX 08-03-19.pdf graphs.zip
Mon, Mar 17 Dictionaries & Introduction to graphs 08-03-17.pdf dict.zip
Wed, Mar 12 Spring break
Mon, Mar, 10 Spring break
Wed, Mar 5 Tree Class: representing expression 08-03-05.pdf trees.zip
Mon, Mar 3 Objects, classes, and methods 08-03-03.pdf 03-3.zip
Wed, Feb 27 Ising Spin Simulation 08-02-27.pdf
Mon, Feb 25 Ideal Gas Simulation 08-02-25.pdf gas.py
Wed, Feb 20 Random numbers, Monte Carlo methods 08-02-20.pdf randomdemos.zip
Mon, Feb 18 Floating point numbers & arithmetic issues 08-02-18.pdf
Wed, Feb 13 no class - exam 1 at 7pm Exam1 with solutions
Mon, Feb 11 Review 08-02-11.pdf [ 08-02-11-examples.zip ]
Wed, Feb 6 Recursive functions 08-02-06.pdf [ recfunctions.zip ]
Mon, Feb 4 Introduction to recursion 08-02-04.pdf
Wed, Jan 30 Loops, conditions, and functions 08-01-30.pdf [ grid vizualization | ]
Mon, Jan 28MatPLotLib & VPython 08-01-28.pdf [ 08-01-28plotting.zip ]
Wed, Jan 23 Functions 08-01-23.pdf [ 08-01-23-1perpage.pdf ]
Mon, Jan 21 MLK Day, no class
Wed, Jan 16 Lists, arrays & IO 08-01-16.pdf [ birdlist48 ] [ bird ]
Mon, Jan 14 Computing with strings & numbers 08-01-14.pdf
Wed, Jan 09 Writing simple programs 08-01-09.pdf
Mon, Jan 07Introduction08-01-07.pdf
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