Course Syllabus

Part I: Basic Tools (6 weeks)

  • Introduction to Python. Elementary values and data types.
  • Straight line programs, assignments to variables, type conversion, math library.
  • Strings, lists, and tuples. Vectors and arrays. Conditionals and loop structures.
  • Plotting using MatPlotLib and 3D visualization in VPython.
  • Functions, parameters, and scope. Recursion.
  • Exam 1

Part II: Computational Tools and Methods (6 weeks)

  • Arithmetic and random numbers. Using NumPy. Numerical and problem stability.
  • Computational Physics: Applications of Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Introduction to trees and graphs, using NetworkX, graphs in science applications.
  • Bioinformatics: Analyzing biological structures and their visualization using Cytoscape.
  • Grand challenges in scientific computing.
  • Exam 2

Part III: Looking Under the Hood at Computer Science (3 weeks)

  • Object-oriented design. Use and design of classes, OO concepts.
  • History of computer science.
  • Limits of computing, intractability, computability.
  • Future models of computation: DNA computing, quantum computing.
  • Comprehensive Final Exam
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