Required Text Books

  • Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science, John Zelle, Franklin, Beedle & Associates, 2004.
  • Python in a Nutshell, Alex Martelli, O'Reilly, 2006


The lab you will be using (LWSN B160) has Windows-based machines. The following software is installed on the machines:

  • Python (2.5.1) and VPython
  • NumPy 1.0.4 (Numerical Python)
  • PyLab from MatPlotLib (a 2-D plotting library)
  • NetworkX 0.35.1 (for the creation and manipulation of graphs and networks)
  • Cytoscape 2.5.1 (for visualizing molecular interaction networks/graphs)

The software is cross platform (Windows, Mac, and UNIX/Linux) and free. Information to download it, is here. Please see the TA list on which TA can answer questions about what platform.

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