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The lab you will be using (LWSN B160) has Windows-based machines. The following software is installed on the machines: Python and VPython, NumPy (Numerical Python), PyLab from MatPlotLib (a 2-D plotting library), NetworkX (for the creation and manipulation of graphs and networks), and Cytoscape (for visualizing molecular interaction networks/graphs). The software is cross platform (Windows, Mac, and UNIX/Linux) and free.

Most students will install this software on their own machine. We have created an install script for installing 1.-4. Download the .zip file from and unzip the whole archive and run the included install.bat file. This may take a few minutes while to install.

Here are the directions for installing each software individuallu:

  1. Python (2.5.2 or 2.5.4) and VPython not the Visual 5 beta version
  2. NumPy 1.2.1 (Numerical Python)
  3. MatPlotLib (Plotting library)
  4. NetworkX 0.99 (For the creation and manipulation of graphs and networks)
  5. Cytoscape 2.6.1 (For visualizing molecular interaction networks/graphs)
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