Software Packages

List of software packages that are needed for this course, and those we have decided not to use.

Download and Install These Software Packages

All software is free and is cross-platform compatible (running on Windows, Mac,UNIX/Linux ).

  1. Python (2.5.2) and VPython not the Visual 5 beta version
  2. NumPy 1.2.1 (Numerical Python)
  3. MatPlotLib (Plotting library)
  4. NetworkX 0.99 (For the creation and manipulation of graphs and networks)
  5. Cytoscape 2.6.1 (For visualizing molecular interaction networks/graphs)

More specialized, but expected to be used:

  1. SciPy 0.7.0b1 - Scientific computations
  2. GraphViz 2.18 - Graph visualization (needed for PyGraphViz)
  3. PyGraphViz 0.37: interactive graph visualizations
  4. Myro scribbler: software to control scribbler robot.
    • See: Setup
    • This installs Python 2.4 and needed packages. Make sure these install in the right place (C:\Python24) and don't try to overwrite their 2.5 counterparts.
    • Also need the bluetooth software included on the mini-cd with the dongle.

Software Not Used

  1. numeric: replaced by NumPy and no longer supported
  2. snd_util: Python Open AL (correct package site?)
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