Using the jsMath Package from the SECANT DokuWiki

It is possible to enter TeX-style equations into the DokuWiki. Do an “Edit this page” to see how.

  • Display equations: $$\int {1\over x}\,dx = \ln(x)+C$$ and \[\sum_{i=1}^n i = {n(n+1)\over 2}\]
  • Inline equations: Like \(ax^2+bx+c\) use \(\). TeX-style dollar signs are disabled (to avoid confusion with currency). Another example: \(a_i^2 + b_i^2 = c_i^2\).

Warning: jsMath requires JavaScript to process the mathematics on this page.
If your browser supports JavaScript, be sure it is enabled.

For more information, see

Installing jsMath on the DokuWiki

For the record, here are the (very abbreviated) steps needed to enable jsMath within DocuWiki.

- Download the basic package from SourceForge jsMath.

- Unpack and install in ~/jsMath.

- Download the “jsMath Sprite Fonts” package from the same location and install in a fonts subdirectory.

- Modify the Apache configuration file to include the jsMath subdirectory.

A complete discussion of the jsMath package (including download files) is available here.

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