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-====== Using the jsMath Package from the SECANT DokuWiki ====== 
-<​html><​SCRIPT SRC="/​jsMath/​easy/​load.js"></​SCRIPT></​html>​ 
-It is possible to enter TeX-style equations into the DokuWiki. ​ Do an "Edit this page" to see how. 
-  * Display equations: $$\int {1\over x}\,dx = \ln(x)+C$$ and \[\sum_{i=1}^n i = {n(n+1)\over 2}\] 
-  * Inline equations: Like \(ax^2+bx+c\) use ''​\(''​ ... ''​\)''​. ​ TeX-style dollar signs are disabled (to avoid confusion with currency). 
-<DIV STYLE="​color:#​CC0000;​ text-align:​center">​ 
-<​B>​Warning:​ <A HREF="​http://​www.math.union.edu/​locate/​jsMath">​jsMath</​A>​ 
-requires JavaScript to process the mathematics on this page.<​BR>​ 
-If your browser supports JavaScript, be sure it is enabled.<​B>​ 
-For more information,​ see [[http://​secant.cs.purdue.edu/​jsMath/​test/​sample.html]]. 
-====== Installing jsMath on the DokuWiki ====== 
-For the record, here are the (very abbreviated) steps needed to enable jsMath within DocuWiki.  ​ 
-- Download the basic package from [[http://​sourceforge.net/​project/​showfiles.php?​group_id=172663|SourceForge jsMath]]. 
-- Unpack and install in ~/jsMath. 
-- Download the "​jsMath Sprite Fonts" package from the same location and install in a fonts subdirectory. 
-- Modify the Apache configuration file to include the jsMath subdirectory. 
-A complete discussion of the jsMath package (including download files) is available [[http://​www.math.union.edu/​~dpvc/​jsMath/​authors/​welcome.html|here]]. 
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